“A collection of the best… for the best”

Launched in response to customer feedback, The Masterpiece Collection is an intimate, luxurious selection of upscale awards that show your appreciation with style and class. To make the recognition experience both rich and meaningful, The Masterpiece Collection customizes the presentation for both the company presenting the award and the individual receiving the award, with several levels of awards available. This means that everything associated with the presentation–from the letter, to the packaging, to the gift-selection brochure –is personalized for both the recipient and the company.

Award categories include watches, jewelry, travel, and electronics, represented by brands such as Baccarat, Mont Blanc, Cartier, Steuben, Prada, and Tumi.

A congratulatory certificate is housed in a beautiful Italian leather frame, along with an attractive personalized brochure that provides large, full-color photographs of the awards from which they can choose. With The Masterpiece Collection, harness the power of “thank you,” whether for retirement, outstanding performance or a special occasion or milestone.

Masterpiece Collection